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Name: Thornberg
Gender: Male
Race: Elf

Mortal Rules

This is an abridged list of the rules. The full text, with explanation and examples, can be read by typing 'help rules' after logging in to Ancient Anguish.

I. Thou shalt not play multiple characters simultaneously.

II. Thou shalt not cheat by providing solutions to quests and gaius information to others.

III. Thou shalt not abuse bugs for your character's gain.

IV. Thou shalt not maliciously send ANSI/VTxx control codes to others.

V. Thou shalt not use automated scripts to play the mud for you.

VI. Thou shalt not engage in excessive profanity inside Ancient Anguish.

VII. Thou shalt not harass others ('help harassment' for full details.)

VIII. Thou shalt not attack or kill fellow players unless:
  • A: Both you and the other player are members of the Society of Killers.
  • B: The other player has been bountied by Law on the bounty board, and you scalp them.
  • C: You catch the player stealing from you.
  • D: You see another player attack a pet which belongs to you.
Note: Player killing is a complex part of Ancient Anguish law, please read the 'help rules' and understand it fully before attacking another player!

IX. Thou shalt not steal from players, steal other players' loot, steal from the vanquished foes of other players, plant items on another player, or steal a kill from another player. If you do so and are caught, you can be held accountable for the violation.

Note: Theft is a complex part of Ancient Anguish law, please read the 'help rules' and understand section IX to know your rights and remediations if you are a victim... Also, the Ancient Anguish Tourism Council vigorously denies the existence of a professional organization of thieves in Ancient Anguish!

X. Thou shalt not terminate your connection in order to gain an attack advantage.

XI. Thou shalt not close a door on another player, trapping them in a room with an aggressive monster.

The Administration has the right and will exercise that right to punish players who demonstrate a concerted effort in ruining the game for others.

If you are a victim of, or witness to a crime committed by another player, you may file a complaint with Dibbs in the Law office (in the Tantallon town hall) and Law will investigate. The Department of Law (which includes the Law Arch and Law Deputies) are charged with enforcing the rules and punishing offenders. Investigation of crimes and administration of punishment is handled by Law. If you have a problem with a Law decision, file a form with Dibbs in the Law office.

For more detail and examples on the Rules of Ancient Anguish, please log in and check the following commands: help rules, help law, help wizrules, help punish, help bounties, help trivia, help stars, help wake.
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