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The Village of Tantallon


Tantallon is a bustling village where many adventurers begin their careers. Located centrally on the eastern coast, Tantallon features the major harbour of the continent providing it with strong trade opportunities. A road leads west from Tantallon towards the villages of Nepeth and Dalair, with a coach service which travels to the former. Another road leads north towards Neville and Hobbitat far to the north. The camp of the Scythe clan is to the south.

Professional Opportunities

As the largest town on the continent, Tantallon has a number of professional opportunities available for adventurers. Within the walls of Tantallon you can find:
  • The hall of the Fighter's class, where warriors practice the art of combat.
  • The Tower of the Magi, where the mysterious Mages class makes its home.
  • The Church where the Clerics congregate is also based in Tantallon.
  • Near the centre of town is the Adventurer's Guild for those who do not have an advanced profession.

Adventuring Resources

Tantallon is chock full of places to visit to help adventurers who have money to spend. A few of these are listed below:

  • The Golden Ducat Pub, which serves drink to the meek and mighty alike.
  • Decker's Equipment Shop, where adventurers buy and sell equipment.
  • The Village Auctioneers, where auctions are held for very valuable equipment.
  • Myrtae's Armoury, where a large selection of armour can be bought and sold.
  • Maigyn's Magic Shoppe, specializing in magical adventuring tools.
  • Hanza's Map Shop, featuring many maps of the realm.
  • Willim's Smithy, offering free starting equipment to beginning players.
  • Trough's Training Academy, where adventurers go to learn the art of the barroom brawl.
  • The Brawling Arena where gladiators fight worthy opponents.

The Docks

The harbour quarter of Tantallon has a number of features of interest:

  • The Commodity Exchange, or CX, is where new adventurers go to earn money and experience in safety delivering goods. Working for the CX is a great way to learn your way around town.
  • Salty John's Bait and Tackle sells all manner of fishing equipment for the novice to the expert.
  • The Rental Agency will rent small rowboats with which you can travel the seas as captain of your own vessel.
  • The Body Shop, where cosmetic torture is the name of the game.
  • The Wharf, from which boats regularly sail to the Islands and beyond.

Administrative Resources

Tantallon is also home to many administrative resources of the game.
  • The Tantallon Town Hall houses the Department of and a copy of the codified Law of Ancient Anguish. All adventurers should visit the Department of Justice to review the rules of the game and understand their interpretation. Adventurers who have injustices done to them may file complaints with Dibbs, who will refer the case to a higher authority.
  • The Town Hall also houses the Chambers of the Senate which rules the world of Ancient Anguish.
  • The Tantallon Library contains an extensive collection of books, including light reading, religious texts, tomes of arcane wizardry, and information about the world.
  • The Tantallon Church serves many functions. It is home to the Clerics class, a place where adventurers may marry one another, and also a place of prayer for those who have died and walk the earth in immaterial form.
  • The Coach Ticket Office sells tickets to ride to Nepeth.
  • The First Bank of Tantallon provides a safe place for people to deposit their hard-earned loot after a day of hardy adventure.
  • The IMS Post Office is just south of the bank, and enables the inhabitants of Tantallon to send mail to one another.
  • The Adventurer's guild is a centre of much activity. In it you will find a bulletin board containing important information about the game. In other rooms of the guild, you will find additional boards which carry information about other muds, jokes, poetry, flame wars, and more. The Adventurers class makes its home here.
  • The Ancient Inn of Tantallon is where many adventurers start the day, and when they are done playing, retire until their next session. It features a couple of private booths for conversation, and a cozy fire pit around which people often play games.
  • The village Paperboy, who stands in the centre of Tantallon, sells the Canticle, the official newspaper of Ancient Anguish. The Paperboy is the best known landmark of Tantallon.

The village of Tantallon is a safe haven for all peoples of all races. Adventurers would not dare attack others within its walls, and the Tourism Council insists that there is absolutely no crime within the city limits.
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