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Name: Serena
Gender: Female
Race: Human


A Rogue has two major components - they are masters of the shadows, stealing items from unsuspecting targets, but they are also experts in close quarters combat, delivering unpredictable attacks to enemies.

There's a rumour going around that Rogues don't exist, but the older, and wiser citizens know this to be untrue. The rumour was likely created by town officials to help keep property values high, fearing that the lawless nature of Rogues would drive the noble and wealthy citizens away.

The Rogue class prefers using knife and sabre-like weapons, while wearing armour and using a parry defense. Here is a small preview of a Rogue's powers:
  • Alert Combat - Improves the Rogues ability to parry, and grants extra attacks.
  • Ambushing - Leap out of the shadows and stab an enemy in the back.
  • Dispossession - Offers several methods for the Rogue to steal from a target.
  • Stealth - Allows a Rogue to hide from sight, and perform actions unseen.
  • Trip - Perform a leg sweep on an enemy, causing them to fall down.
  • ... Join the Rogue class to find out more!
A Rogue can be played by all races. However, a Rogue needs physical prowess for melee combat, and mental prowess for their thievery techniques, one should consider choosing a character with high strength, dexterity, and intelligence for maximum effectiveness.

Playing solo as a Rogue is enjoyable, but a Rogue can make an excellent party leader. Keep in mind that theft in Ancient Anguish against computer opponents is legal, but it is considered lawless when used on other players. If you are caught stealing from a player, they may attack you, or file for a bounty on your head. You can of course choose to just play a Rogue that is combat-orientated and forgo stealing from players, or you can focus on the exhiliration of being lawless and fending off bounty hunters!

The Rogue class hall is rumoured to be hidden somewhere in Tantallon.