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Village and Castle of Nepeth

In the years 485-487 the great Orc-war was fought. It is also known as the War of Faith. The war lasted for nearly 3 years. Hoards of orcs came in from the southwest and the west. Humans from all over the Realm gathered in Nepeth and the castle. And an army was equipped by King Arnog, Drin's father. Arnog himself died from the wound of a stray arrow mere months before the war ended, leaving Drin in charge of the troops in those final battles. A task King Drin was more than able to handle. It is said that in the final battle, which raged for three long days, Drin single handedly killed close to two hundred orcs, leading his troops to a grand victory.

Modern Nepeth features a mighty castle around which has grown a village of the same name. Nepeth castle is where King Drin of the Trueheart line holds court. It also houses the order of the Knights of Drin. Within its halls there is a feasting hall which sells fine food and drink to the public.

The village of Nepeth has many features to interest the adventurer. There is a small shop which buys and sells equipment near the castle walls, a flower shop, and a carriage service offering rides to the village of Tantallon. The Ancient Inn of Nepeth offers four private rooms, a bar which serves potent drink, and a bard to sing you sweet songs. The village is bustling with citizenry, and the city guard is always there, albeit usually not very alert.

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