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Welcome to the Monks of Antana

Who are these kind-hearted folks anyway?

The Monks of Antana are kind, nature-loving people who have come together to find their inner-selves and spread the word and love of Antana throughout the world. They originate in the village of Neville and have a temple there where anyone may come to meditate and become more enlightened about the world around them. The inner rooms of the temple may only be entered by Monks of the order, however.

Originally the order was a collective of humans coming together to worship, but the High Priests have recently discovered that other races also wish enlightenment and forgiveness for their sins.

Antana? Who is that?

Antana is the protector of the Monks of Antana, and the patron of the temple in the village of Neville. She enjoys nature and is offended by the destruction of natural things. She is often depicted as a beautiful young woman with long flowing hair of gold. She bears a limewood staff in her left hand and wears a robe of the finest white silk.

So, how do I join this happy group?

Well, the Monks are a fairly open group of people, but they do have some rules, or else Chaos would reign. Antana will accept people of any profession, except necromancers, the foul masters of the undead. The only races not allowed to join the family of Antana are orcs and dwarves.

Any brother or sister of the order would be more than happy to lead you to the temple of the enlightened so you may join our ranks. It is in the north-eastern village of Neville, beyond the waterfall.