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Town of Dalair


Dalair is a small but growing town, bustling with commerce (both legitimate and shady) and well known as the main outpost of orcish forces in the realm. It is also the home of the Courts of Chaos, a mysterious yet powerful guild known to devote itself to disorder and discord.

Founding of Dalair

What follows is the testimony on the founding of Dalair, translated from the orcish:

So, like, me an' my buddy Fritz an' da udder orks gots together and dragged summa our ork chicks over here an' moved in, an we like started a coupla farms and grew corn and stuff, and shacked up with our ork babes and life was good, so good, like, that it was BORING. So me an' Fritz and summa da guys went out for some, ya know, fun, and we wuz just minding our own business, doin' a lil' innocent rapin' an' a lil' harmless pillagin' WHEN ALLA A SUDDEN A BUNCHA STINKIN' FAIRIES RAN UP AND STARTED HACKIN' ON US!

Da bluddy nerve of dose guys! We ran away but dey, like, chases us, ya know, an' before you know it DOSE STINKIN' FAIRIES GOT FRITZ, an' we barely got back to Dalair alive, ya know, an' we hadda smack aroun' dose idjit wenches a good bit afore dey'd stop laffin'at us.

Since den we got smart, ya know, and built a big ol' fort an' been trainin' us an army, an' our big chief is gonna lead us and teach dose stinkin' fairies a lesson or two, yessirree. We ain't gonna stand for dem harrassin' us poor orks no more, dat's fer sure.


Dalair is nestled in the Claw Mountains near the halls of Kazarov, king of the mountain orcs, and west of the kingdom of Nepeth and the Knights of Drin, who are known to frequently launch raids upon Dalair.


Dalair is a thriving commercial centre with many services which appeal to the average adventurer:

  • The Courts of Chaos Guild is headquartered in Dalair.
  • The temple of the dreaded Necromancers profession lies at the western end of town.
  • A regiment of active mountain orcs are stationed in eastern Dalair, and they regularly patrol the surrounding area.
  • Bounty hunters can find a list of fugitives wanted by Law in northern Dalair, and can hunt these fugitives for a reward.
  • Dalair is known as the gambling centre of Ancient Anguish, adventurers routinely gather in its poker hall to pit their skills against each other in one of many different games of poker.
  • Treasure seekers can purchase mysterious treasure maps to find new adventure in all corners of the world.
  • An orc merchant in central Dalair eagerly buys surplus equipment - at a discount.
  • Dalair has a dynamic newspaper, updated frequently, which details much of the activity which occurs in Dalair. It can be purchased from the paper goblin for a single coin.
  • The kobolds in the area have built up a major trade in seemingly worthless trinkets, yet they are rumoured to have magical powers. You can explore these rumours yourself in Dalair.
  • Dalair supports a communal sick house, where ill and injured humanoids come for treatment. Compassionate adventurers have been known to assist in the healing process.
  • A group of bugbears has set up a fishing hole in central Dalair, where fish of dubious quality can be caught - if you don't mind fishing in polluted waters.
  • The Happy Hawg is a slaughterhouse featuring a wide array of pork products for the hungry adventurer.
  • The Dalair Taverna, known for its poker tables, also serves a variety of alcoholic beverages and fine cigars.
  • Dalair is one of the few places in Ancient Anguish where a variety of thrown weapons can be found.

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