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The Courts of Chaos

History of the Courts

Text extract from "World Cult Trends", stolen in orc raid on the Library of Tantallon:
"...few decades, this loose-knit band has become an organized if nihilistic religion, known as the Courts of Chaos. Although dismis... [burnmark] ... cult by the more established forces of Drin, Chaos is growing into a challenge to the major world religious order, the Monks of Antana...."
The current leader of the Courts of Chaos is Maleficio. This powerful charismatic figure is regarded by many as the instigator of the court's push into the mainstream of 6th century life.

Where are the Courts located?

Text extract from "Ye Olde Townes of Ancient Anguish" published by the Ancient Anguish Tourism Council:
"... Located in the mountains west of Tantallon, the sunny town of Dalair is the happy home to many close-knit orc families..."
To reach Maleficio from Tantallon's crossroads, it is rumoured that one must only surjourn westward by sixteen, four northward, a further two west and finally one step north. Of course, this may only be a rumour spread by enemies of the Courts.

What sort of people are in Chaos?

The Guild of Chaos consists primarily of evilly inclined spellcasters (that is mages, necromancers, and clerics) - although rangers and rogues have been known to frequent the murky depths of sin inhabited by the guild's members.

I like it! How can I join Chaos?

Probably the easiest way would be to - very,very carefully - ask a member of Chaos for some help. However, for the more adventurous (or those scared of being uglified), here is a simple step-by-step method:
  • Become nasty or even eviller. To be accepted into the fellowship of Chaos, you must prove that you have affinity with the dark side of your nature. Thus, when presenting yourself to Maleficio, you had better look mean. Favourite methods to achieve "evilness" include (all directions from crossroads):
    • Kill fairies in the fairy ring. (21n, w, n, enter)
    • Murder innocent dwarf babies. (16n, 4w, 2n, nw, 2n, open padded, e)
    • Attending the Chaos Guild's mass which is held roughly every hour. (16w, 4n, 2w, n, e)
  • Find a Member of Chaos with noble rank and be very nice to him/her, offer lots of gold and and maybe let yourself be killed by him/her a few times and then casually ask if you - the worthless little grub that you are - may join Chaos. Chances are that you'll be accepted.
  • Wander over to meet Maleficio (directions mentioned above) and type 'join'.
  • Don't act like an idiot on the chaos line. Easy, eh?

Is there anything else I should know?