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Name: Tinuviel
Gender: Female
Race: Half-gnome


All players of Ancient Anguish begin their journey as a member of the adventurer class. This is the general class which is descriptive of a player who belongs to none of the other, more specialized classes. The adventurer class is the baseline for which all other classes build on.

Adventurers can choose between Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Human, and Orc as their race upon creating a new character:
  • Dwarves are as hard and unyielding as the rock they love. They are short, often quick-tempered, and very, very stubborn. Dwarves are physically fit, and many a foe has been surprised at how hard they are to break. They are strong, and often very wise. Forget all about grace though; they don't have it. Their natural habitat is underground caves and cities, built by themselves, of course.

  • Elves are delicate creatures, with finely-chiseled features. While not physically strong, Elves are extremely graceful in their movements and highly intelligent. Elves enjoy a long life span, and tend to ponder any action carefully. Elves are in general a bit shorter than humans. Most elves live in the deep, lush forests of the world. They have little contact with other races, distrusting the short and quick-tempered dwarves, and loathing the evil orcs.

  • Half human, half elf, and hardly accepted by either race, half-elves are a race of outcasts, but all considering they manage fairly well. Half-elves are, like humans, are mostly all-rounders, but their elven blood adds a bit extra in the way of gracefulness and intelligence. They are all of human stock, and slightly taller than elves. They have features from both races.

  • Humans are the dominating race of the world as well as the youngest race. The main reason for their dominance is their vast numbers, and that they are reasonably good at everything. They adapt, they improvise, and they overcome! Humans are equally adept in every aspect of life, both physically and mentally.

  • Orcs are aggressive, hairy and dirty. They band together in groups to raid and plunder. They vary widely in appearance as they often crossbreed with other species, but they have the sickly green skin and stooped posture in common. Orcs are usually very strong and hardy, and they can handle quite a good beating. They are not in the least intelligent though.