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(Luthien): Duender House for Sale!

(Luthien): Nepeth mansion relisted!

(Ninjutsu): Anguish Research Update!

(Luthien): Nepeth House for Sale!
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Name: Treebeard
Gender: Male
Race: Frog

Happy 25th Anniversary to Ancient Anguish!

Happy 2017 to you all, and happy 25th anniversary to our beloved Ancient Anguish! Yes, this is AA's silver anniversary. The game is now halfway to 50, and we are going to celebrate it all year long with fun and frivolity the 25th of every month!

Activities may include parties, games, competitions, new project installations, and other surprises.

And for those who'd like something a little more tangible from this text-based world, we've got actual tiny pink elephants to share! If you have participated in any 25th AAnniversary Event, feel free to send a mailing address via mudmail to Luthien, and a mini ele will journey across the world to you.

January 25 (Wednesday): Scavenger Hunt

Hats off to AA! See Adventurers Board post for more info!

February 25 (Saturday): Online Reunion and New Content

Ancient Anguish opened to the public in February 1992, so this is a very special month during our very special year. Come join AA friends old and new the weekend of the 25th, share tales of adventure, see what's new (or old?) around Oerthe, and get a fancy commemorative in-game gift.

* New project installed: Puppies
* New area installed: Paper mill

March 25 (Saturday)

Stars games throughout the weekend!
New features and fixes, including the eagerly-anticipated fix for the skill focus trait!

* New area installed: Bucca have been discovered in Dymwood Dell
* New content: Expansion to Keepink's museum on Infidian

April 15-16 (Easter Weekend)

Annual rabbit hunt with fabulous prize!

April 25 (Tuesday)

Anarchy on port 6666 through the end of the month.
Read 'help anarchy' or check boards for more information.

May 25 (Thursday)

* New content: Something the Tourism Council insists does not exist.
* New class: Jaochi

June 25 (Sunday)

Flowery Scavenger Hunt hosted by Kivrin! See Adventurers Board post for more info!

July 25 (Tuesday)

Eating contest all reboot! Begins immediately following the reboot on the 25th. See Maker's Announcement Board post for more information!

August 25 (Friday)

'Unapproved Item Auctions' throughout the day, organized by Kamikaze and featuring the work of many wizards. See Luthien's post on the Announcement Board for information and auction times.

September 25 (Monday)

New content: Player ships! See 'help ships' and visit the shipyard northeast of Tantallon for more information.

October 25 (Wednesday)

Flaghunt event all reboot! Begins following the reboot on the 25th. Event and prize conceived and implemented by Maker.

November 23 (Thursday)

Annual turkey hunt all reboot long!

November 25 (Saturday)

Fishing Competitions will take place during two 2-hour timeslots! See Luthien's post on the Announcement Board for information and times.

* New content: Player-owned shops! See 'help playershops' and visit Andy in the Eastroad Inn to see what's currently available.

December 23 (Saturday)

The AA25 party started early during this final month of our 25th year! Several updates and fixes were installed, and...

New land to explore: The western wall of mist has fallen!

Stay tuned for further fun in the months ahead! Information will be posted to boards, social media, the AA website (see the 'events' section) and also at 'help events' in-game.

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