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Happy 25th Anniversary to Ancient Anguish!

Happy 2017 to you all, and happy 25th anniversary to our beloved Ancient Anguish! Yes, this is AA's silver anniversary. The game is now halfway to 50, and we are going to celebrate it all year long with fun and frivolity the 25th of every month!

Activities may include parties, games, competitions, new project installations, and other surprises.

And for those who'd like something a little more tangible from this text-based world, we've got actual tiny pink elephants to share! If you have participated in any 25th AAnniversary Event, feel free to send a mailing address via mudmail to Luthien, and a mini ele will journey across the world to you.

January 25 (Wednesday): Scavenger Hunt

Thematic hunt of items scattered around the world of AA. The theme of the hunt will be revealed on the 25th. Sorry, no spoilers at this time!

February 25 (Saturday): Online Reunion

Ancient Anguish opened to the public in February 1992, so this is a very special month during our very special year. Come join AA friends old and new the weekend of the 25th, share tales of adventure, see what's new (or old?) around Oerthe, and get a fancy commemorative in-game gift.

Stay tuned for further fun in the months ahead! Information will be posted to boards, social media, the AA website (see the 'events' section) and also at 'help events' in-game.

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